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Labradford: Recovering Lost Anthems Labradford makes the sort of music that can define a space, that can overwhelm it. This music is like experiencing the most dramatic, highest moment of your life, while you’re too wasted or too exhausted to … Continue reading

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Pavement – Steve Malkmus Interview Transcript

(as I recall, this interview was done backstage at the Commodore in Vancouver, around January 1996) SAB – Let’s take a look at “Easily Fooled” on the Rattled By The Rush EP, there’s a lyric that goes, “If you want … Continue reading

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Seefeel – More Like Space

(As I recall, the interview for this article was done by fax sometime in 1995.) Seefeel’s music is like a state of perpetual shock. The music moves like it is not in time. Seefeel’s music is not quite here, there, … Continue reading

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