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Tezka Macoto: Hakuchi


Tezka Macoto’s Hakuchi: Parallel Universes of the Mind “I am powerless in the face of this pitiful reality,” goes the voiceover of the main character Izawa, halfway through Hakuchi: the Innocent. The camera is low and angled up at him, … Continue reading

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End of Violence – Review

The Institutionalization of Violence Almost a decade ago, the future based Until The End of The World displayed a strange vision of the future, almost as attractive for its farfetched gadgetry as for its romance. The strange thing about viewing … Continue reading

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Miike Takashi – Bird People In China

The perfect time to take a nap is where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day, within the fleeting magic hour surrounding sunset. This September past, I came home from work beat down and miserable, set … Continue reading

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Techno Animal – Interview Transcript

Techno Animal is a collaboration between Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin. I interviewed them on the telephone in early 1999. They also recently collaborated with others under the name Ice. I also asked a lot of questions about dub music, … Continue reading

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