Issue 1

Released: Fall 1993

Print Run: 100 copies

Featured interviews with: Stereolab, Seam, Glider, and Red Sugar

Review Highlights: Acetone – Cindy LP; The Archers of Loaf – Icky Mettle; The Auteurs – New Wave; The BMX Bandits – Life Goes On; The Boo Radleys – Giant Steps; The Cannanes – Caveat Emptor; The Drop Nineteens – National Coma; Eugenius – Caesar’s Vein 7″; His Name Is Alive – Mouth By Mouth; Luna – Indian Summer EP; Madder Rose – Bring It Down; Main – Firmament EP; Mercury Rev – Boces; Moonshake – Eva Luna; Pavement – Westing (By Musket & Sextant); Pram – Iron Lung EP; Suede – Suede; Trumans Water – Spasm Smash XXXOXOX OX & ASS; Urge Overkill – Saturation

Editor’s Afterword: I was in the first semestre of grade 12 when I did this issue, the first issue. I’d like to say that I at least wrote well for my young age, but that would be stretching the truth a bit. In spite of my obvious immaturity and juvenile humour, I at least chose some very good groups to interview and review. The Stereolab and Seam interviews were probably arranged by Vox, the University of Calgary arts newspaper I had been writing for. I was quite starstruck by Stereolab. I had previously been part of a Seam interview, when Jeff Lippold interviewed them a year previous, while I sat in. They were so kind to me, and Seam’s lead singer/guitarist even dedicated a song to me when they played live in Calgary. Red Sugar was a Kamloops band (a smallish city between Calgary and Vancouver), whose CD I had encountered at the radio station (CJSW) and then sought them out for an interview when they came to Calgary for a gig. Glider was a Calgary band named after a My Bloody Valentine. The article was done by Jeff Lippold.
As for how the magazine came about, my brother Jason had put me up to the idea of doing my own fanzine after I complained to him that the content I was writing was getting ever closer to the back pages of Vox, the University of Calgary student art newspaper that I had started writing for (I was also doing a radio show at the U of C station CJSW). As for how the magazine was named, I don’t remember the exact moment I decided it, but it definitely had more to do with the Stereolab album name and not the 1950-60s musical trend (though retroactively later named as such), which Stereolab themselves were referencing.

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