Issue 1.3

Winter 99 Issue 1.3 Contents:

This issue was double-sided. One side was called Versions Changing and followed themes of loss, memory, and recovery. The other side was called Studio Kinda Cloudy, and was devoted to dub, as in 70s dub reggae and various other music influenced by it. The issue was written from Fall 1998 to Spring 1999, but not released until late 1999. Most of the content was written by Donald Anderson and Jason Anderson, while the layout was done by Kerry M..

Side A (Versions Changing):

– Riviera Hotel (interview with documentary director Bernie Ijdis)

– Buena Vista Social Club (interview with director Wim Wenders)

– Fragments* Jerusalem (interview with director Ron Havilio)

– essay: Lazy Hosts Silver Ghosts

– Bill Laswell (interview)

Bird People in China (interview with film director Miike Takashi)

– Durutti Column (interview with Vini Reilly)

– Charles Mingus (interview with documentary director Don McGlynn)

– essay, Lost and Found (and Lost Again)

Side B: Studio Kinda Cloudy

– A Rougher Version (essay about dub reggae, including interview material with Blood & Fire founder Steve Barrow and others)

– Junior Delgado (interview)

– Howie B. (interview)

– Massive Attack (interview)

– an essay Studio Kinda Cloudy

– excerpts from interviews with the Angel/60 Channels/Jaz Klash, Burger/Ink, Dubhead, Journeyman, Panasonic, Pole, Simon Reynolds, Techno Animal/Sidewinder/Ice, Third Eye Foundation, and WordSound.

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