Issue 3

Release Date: Fall 1994

Print Run: 150 copies

Features Interviews With: Pram, Stereolab, Pavement, Girls Against Boys, Kristin Hersh, Bailter Space

Includes Reviews Of: Disco Inferno – DI Go Pop; Bark Psychosis – Blue EP; Flying Saucer Attack – Rural Psychedelia; Tricky – Aftermath EP and Ponderosa EP; Butterfly Child – Onomatopoeia; Moonshake – The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow; Laika – Antenna EP; Stereolab – Mars Audiac Quintet; various records by Spanish label Acuarela; Swell – 41; Pram – Meshes EP; Mouse On Mars – Vulvaland; Polvo – Celebrate the New Dark Age EP; Northern Picture Library – Alaska; Magnetic Fields – The Charm of the Highway Strip; Portastatic – I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle; AR Kane – Sea Like A Child EP; State of Grace – Pacific Motions; High Llamas – Gideon Gaye; Daniel Figgis – Skipper; Perfume Tree – The Sun’s Running Out; Pizzicato Five – 5X5 EP; Suede – Stay Together EP

Editor’s Afterword: This issue came out just before my first semestre of university. I was just about to move to Vancouver, but looking back at this issue, I’m sure I was still based in Calgary, because I can remember doing the interviews in Calgary by either phone or in person. The Girls Against Boys, Stereolab, and Kristin Hersh article/interviews were contributed by Jason Anderson. For me, the highlight of this issue was my interview with Pram, part of what was growing into a long list of Too Pure record label acts interviewed in Space Age Bachelor. Thinking back about my Pram interview, I think there’s a certain power in mystery – aside from having their records, I knew nearly nothing about them going into the interview – that lack of fore-knowledge made the interview itself seem like a journey. In addition, I did another short interview with Pavement (there had just been one in the previous issue done by Jason) on the subject of Crooked Rain Crooked Rain. Both Pavement and Bailter Space were interviewed before their gigs at Calgary’s long established venue, the Republik.

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