Issue 4

Released: December 1994

Print Run: 150 copies

Features Interviews With: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Moonshake, Stereolab, SR Chinarro, Beef, DIsco Inferno, Ween, Pulp, Jeff Buckley, Trumans Water

Includes Reviews Of: Esquivel – Space Age Bachelor Pad Music; Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand LP; Disco Inferno – It’s A Kid’s World EP; Flying Saucer Attack – Distance LP; Shady – World LP; Pizzicato Five – Made In USA LP; Spring Heel Jack – Sea Lettuce EP; Pram – Helium; Portishead – Dummy LP; Butterfly Child – Beaujolais EP; Medication – Can’t Seem To Remember 7″; Stereolab – Wow and Flutter EP; A.R. Kane – New Clear Child LP; Scorn – Evanescence; Laika – Silver Apples of the Moon; Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot EP; Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder Dust EP; Massive Attack – Protection; Various Artists – The Rebirth of Cool

Editor’s Afterword: This issue was written during my first semestre of my first year of university. It is the first issue done after I’d moved from Calgary to Vancouver. Both the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Trumans Water interviews took place backstage at the old Starfish Room in Vancouver. I spoke to Disco Inferno on the telephone. Jason contributed the interviews with Ween, Pulp, and Jeff Buckley, following the trend in which many of the bigger name interviews would originally have been shorter write-ups in Toronto’s Eye Weekly. SR Chinarro and Beef were both bands on Spain’s Acuarela label, and as such those interviews were probably done via fax/email.

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